About Lessoncast

A software service that captures, shows, and
shares teacher learning.


Nicole Tucker-Smith

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

She has served as a teacher, supervisor of parent support services, assistant principal, and coordinator of system wide professional development for Baltimore County Public Schools. She also led state-level initiatives for Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education, teaches in the JHU Administration and Supervision program, and is an international presenter on Universal Design for Learning. To see how her experiences led to the founding of Lessoncast, check out her e-book.


Khalid Rudo Smith

Founder, Chief Product Officer

Khalid Rudo Smith (@KhalidRudo) is cofounder and chief product officer of Lessoncast Learning. In addition to being a founder, Khalid is a frequent speaker, facilitator and designer of experiential education gatherings for communities focused on education innovation. His past credits include work for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 4.0 Schools, Facebook, Google for Entrepreneurs, The Lean Startup Conference, The Big Idea Fest, Girls Who Code and StartupWeekend Education.