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What is lessoncast?

Lessoncast Creation Tools

Great lessoncasts are artifacts of teacher learning and the product of great professional development.

Our tools guide the process of clearly, concisely and concretely explaining an instructional idea. It facilitates the interaction between course participants and course instructors from customizing assignments, creating lessoncasts, giving feedback and evaluating for classroom preparedness.

  • I'm looking for resources that will have an impact on the way that
    I teach, tomorrow.

    High quality lessoncasts provide just enough information to help teachers PUT AN INSTRUCTIONAL IDEA INTO PRACTICE in their classroom. Lessoncast maintains a free library of featured teacher resources created by a community of educators continuously refining their instructional practice.

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    Free Teacher Resources
  • I am fed up with professional development options that have no relevance to the
    realities I face every day in the classroom.

    With Lessoncast courses, CREATING a lessoncast is profound professional learning for teachers
    focused on implementing solutions to address their instructional challenges. Sharing a lessoncast
    leaves behind tailored artifacts for the rest of the community.

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    Lessoncast Courses
  • We need solutions that are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of our teachers and students, and we need those solutions to build on the internal capacity and expertise we already have at our school

    Lessoncast tools for schools guide instructional leaders though DESIGNING TARGETED PD, implementing best practices, MEASURING IMPACT on student learning, and making adjustments based on results observed in students, teachers, department chairs, and even administrators.

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    PD Tools for Schools
  • I need help providing PD solutions that engage teachers as leaders and spread best
    practices in a way that actually leads to an impact in the classroom.

    With Lessoncast, local teacher leaders create customized PD
    across their community.

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    PD Tools for Schools
  • With the education landscape swiftly changing, how do we make sure we are preparing
    teachers for what the 21st century classroom should be?

    Lessoncast courseware helps teacher preparation instructors customize assignment modules focused
    on technology integration, personalized learning, assessment, applying content knowledge and pedagogy, and more. Candidates USE 21 CENTURY SKILLS of creation, synthesis, and collaboration to practice and demonstrate their ability to APPLY 21 CENTURY INNOVATIONS in the classroom.

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    Teacher Prep Courseware
  • To me, Lessoncast serves as an excellent example of technology helping to build capacity in that most critical piece of the puzzle: teachers.

    Vlad GutkovichThe New York Times

  • Here's a teacher professional development idea that I hadn't heard of before. And it comes in three-minute chunks called Lessoncasts.

    Liana HeitinLessonCasts: Flipped PD for Teachers, ED Week

  • Teachers should be creating their own Lessoncasts to share with one another. School leaders hired the teachers in their district because they were the most creative and best qualified professionals that they interviewed… In every district, there are numerous very creative teachers. They should be sharing their knowledge!

    Peter DewittLessonCasts is Professional Development Worth Investigating, ED Week

  • LessonCast forces my student teachers to develop their lessons with the end in mind and requires them to be succinct in their explanations of how to teach the lesson. This focus tells me a lot moreabout what how much content and pedagogy my student teachers know. A paper copy cannot speak to you like a lessoncast can.

    Eric CromwellTeacher Preparation Instructor

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