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Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Curriculum Representation Series

PD for PD Leaders

Lessoncast partners with schools, districts, states, and organizations to deliver exceptional PD experiences and provide a process for putting professional learning into action.

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The Lessoncast Process for Putting PD Into Practice

1. Engage

Participate in a highly relevant PD experience that honors adult learner variability.

2. Identify

Consider resources presented and identify a practice to put professional learning into action.

3. Plan

Use flexible coaching options to plan application of the selected practice.

4. Apply

With guided support, apply the selected practice.

5. Capture

Gather an artifact that shows evidence of your application.

6. Reflect

Consider think-about prompts to reflect on your specific practice.

7. Refine

Take time to refine your ideas.

8. Share

Show and tell your professional community about lessons learned.

9. Grow

Build a growing gallery of collective expertise to learn and refine new ideas.

We offered school districts in our county an opportunity to attend a virtual professional learning experience with Nicole Tucker-Smith on Universal Design for Learning. Nicole was amazing! Not only is she truly an expert on UDL, she created a virtual professional development experience unlike any other I have seen.

Director, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools

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Founder Nicole Tucker-Smith has extensive experience supporting schools and districts in designing and implementing multi-year initiatives focused on UDL and equity. Contact us to see how we might be able to support your community.