Lessoncast & Universal Design for Learning

Applying a unique solution to help educators put UDL into practice

PD Package Personal Package

Lessoncast Personal Packages are for individual educators looking to show and share ideas for putting UDL into action. When educators join, they get access to Binder, our web application that makes it easy to capture and share classroom examples of UDL.

Watch this Binder artifact created by a teacher to show how he uses foldables to promote understanding across languages.

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Why use Lessoncast to support UDL PD?

Danielle Cugalj, Assistant Principal at International Preparatory School in Buffalo, NY, shares how partnering with Lessoncast builds teacher capacity to put UDL into practice.

When teachers can actually see what other people are doing right next door to them - dealing with the same population and the same kinds of struggles and issues, it helps them to have the resources right there.

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