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Eric is a science teacher and team leader. His interdisciplinary team of middle school teachers are looking to use digital student portfolios as an authentic assessment of student learning.

The team of teachers choose Lessoncast Locker for 7th and 8th graders to capture and reflect on learning artifacts that demonstrate their 21st century skills: communication, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity.

Students upload examples of work across disciplines and record their reflections to demonstrate learning. Teachers provide feedback and have the option to add rubrics.

Eric uses Lessoncast Locker to share students’ work with their parents. They watch it at work or at home on their phone or computer.

Students use Lessoncast Locker to showcase their skills when they apply for summer programs.

Eric is asked to present his team’s process to other teachers in the district. They use Lessoncast Binder to communicate with other teachers and pull in examples of student work from Lessoncast Locker.

See the growth in student skills and student agency everyday with Locker by Lessoncast.