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Show professional growth and share examples of what
effective teaching looks like in action

How Binder Works

Janice and her team have just finished leading another PD workshop. She looks for a place to put the STEAM workshop binders, but it's impossible to find an empty spot next to all the old, unused ones.

Janice talks to other PD leaders and sees examples of how - with the Lessoncast platform - schools are capturing and sharing how teachers apply professional learning. She can immediately see how this could help her teachers in implementing new STEAM practices.

As part of the ongoing PD initiative, Janice meets with a team of teachers during working sessions where they use BINDER by Lessoncast to record examples of how they’ve applied STEAM practices in the classroom.

Janice and her team watch their collective work and give each other feedback. Everyone is energized by how much they've learned. They say it's the best professional learning interaction they've had in years.

Janice’s school now has a gallery of PD artifacts showcasing their professional learning journey. Janice is able to use the content created with Lessoncast Binder to catalyze next year’s New Teacher Induction.

A lessoncast is a multimedia PD artifact - created by teachers for teachers - showing the complete picture of what effective teaching looks like before, during and after engaging students.